WT series

WT series

WT series

WT series filling machines are:

Multi station, flexible filling machine, suitable for both small and bulk products
Capacity up to 12.000 pcs/h small product and up to 2.000 pcs/h bulk product

  • WT series are semiautomatic filling machines with high flexibility

  • Large variety of ice cream products: cones, cups, containers, bulk and cakes.
  • All product settings stored in PLC
  • Easy change-over between products
  • Open design
  • Strong stainless steel frame with adjustable legs
  • Operator panel 8" LCD touch screen. Screens and labels in English/local language
  • Step-by-step movement of trays by servodrive
  • Filling station made of 1/2/4/8 time-elapse filling head/s. Vertical movement of filling station on
  • Pencil filler
  • Topink decoration
  • Product discharge belt
  • Optional accessories

  • Topink vats with high pressure volumetric pumps
  • Large variety of filling stations, decoration units, lidding units
  • Dry ingredients dosing
  • Vertical extrusion cutting station/s
  • Robotic transfer of finished products to hardening tunnel. This option is basically available for VO