Plug-in multideck chiller.


The Roll-In system for more efficiency. Well thought-out in every detail.

The VENTO ROLL-IN multideck allows considerably quicker loading and unloading and restocking of merchandise while using the available storage and display areas to the fullest. The roll-in system unburdens employees noticeably – lifting heavy products becomes a thing of the past. An unobstructed view onto the merchandise gives you more options for sales-promoting presentation. An optimized supply chain allows the rolling containers to be completely stocked prior to delivery, and the large loading volume makes maximum use of available store space.

  • Key benefits

  • Extremely fast front-side loading with rolling containers and pallets
  • Perfect presentation of high-demand products with high turnover rates
  • Efficient use of space with optimized turnover by sales area
  • Easy and optically matching row placement next to existing VENTO installations
  • Merchandise containers can be easily inserted from the front
  • Suitable for chilling dairy products (M2) in climate class 3
  • Without side walls, individual modules can be directly attached to all VENTO series shelf units
  • Can be attached to an existing water-based waste heat system
  • Available as an open multideck or with glass doors
  • Full temperature reliability in climate class 3
  • Shelves for complementary merchandise may be positioned anywhere above the rolling containers
  • Very little effort required to open the lifting arm thanks to gas pressure spring
  • The lifting arm is held securely in its open and shut positions by the gas pressure spring
  • Additional advantages with glass doors

  • High energy savings compared to open version
  • Excellent product visibility: tempered safety glass all the way to the floor; swinging doors with recessed handle
  • Accessories (optionals)

  • Side wall: solid, mirrored inside or panoramic
  • Dividing wall: solid or mirrored inside
  • Separator
  • Shelves
  • Shelf lighting
  • LED shelf lighting
  • Scanner price rails
  • Bumpers, protection bars
  • Mirrored ceiling
  • Energy saving blind tear-proof
  • Dividers: steel sheet, wire or plastic
  • Merchandise stoppers: steel sheet, wire or plastic
  • Options

  • LED lighting
  • Integrated network
  • Connection to store monitoring system
  • Temperature ranges

  • Dairy products: 7 °C to -1 °C
  • Beverages: 7 °C to -1 °C
  • Fruit and vegetables: 10 °C to -1 °C

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