Plug-in multideck chiller.


The flexible all-inclusive multideck. State-of-the-art economic chilling.

The VENTO FLEX 125 by AHT generates fast and fresh revenue in the dairy and convenience segments. As simple to use as AHT chilling and freezing chests, with compact dimensions and a sealed and self-sufficient refrigeration system – its features give VENTO FLEX 125 a competitive edge in supermarkets, convenience stores or filling stations. Creates new sales potential in individual or extension placement. Maximum mobility, minimal effort, low energy consumption and investment cost. VENTO FLEX 125 is the closed multideck for »Plug and Chill« in an attractive shop format, using the environment-friendly refrigerant R290!

  • Key benefits

  • Completely flexible, row-placeable plug-in modules (230 Volts)
  • Self-sufficient refrigeration system
  • Quick and easy to use the way you need to
  • No refrigeration installation; only power supply required
  • Low investment cost
  • Complete freedom of arrangement at the POS
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Environment-friendly refrigerant propane R290
  • Can be placed individually or combined with existing VENTO systems
  • Double-insulated high-tech glass doors, only 14 mm thick and with a slender frame for optimal merchandise presentation
  • Fully automatic condensate evaporation
  • For convenience stores, supermarkets, filling stations etc.
  • Accessories (optionals)

  • Panoramic side wall
  • Shelves
  • Shelf lighting
  • Scanner price rails
  • Bumpers, protection bars
  • Mirrored ceiling
  • Merchandise stoppers: steel sheet, wire or plastic
  • Dividers: steel sheet, wire or plastic
  • Options

  • LED lighting
  • Non-reflecting glass
  • Connection to store monitoring system
  • Temperature ranges

  • Dairy products: 7 °C bis -1 °C
  • Beverages: 7 °C bis -1 °C
  • Fruit and vegetables: 10 °C bis -1 °C

Efficient and economical

The AHT VENTO FLEX multideck guarantees ecological and economical chilling by using only the environment-friendly refrigerant R290. Perfect for extending existing installations or for placement at the POS. Due to the hermetically sealed refrigeration system, the leakage rate is 0 – meaning no refrigerant needs to be added. Ever.


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