Plug-in chiller and freezer


Sales-promoting and attractive

SYDNEY. The newest generation of chilling and freezing units with its unique sales-promoting design opens up entirely new possibilities in visual merchandising at the POS. The innovative and elegant glass side panels make for excellent product visibility and complement the brilliant LED interior lighting to create a perfect presentation of frozen foods. With its modern and sophisticated exterior design and smooth-running glass sliding lids, the SYDNEY series offers unmatched ease of use for your customers when selecting products.

Highly flexible

- Can be used as a stand alone unit
- Can be used in a line up
- Can be used as an island
- Freezer island

  • Key benefits

  • High energy savings compared to conventional integrated systems
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to RPM-regulated compressor
  • AHT e-conomize: Additional energy saving potential due to extensive optimization of technology and construction
  • Plastic inner lining for optimal hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Ecologically sound through use of the natural coolant propane
  • Completely CFC- and PFC-free
  • Ready to plug-in; no installation work required.
  • Elegant glass side panels for perfect visibility
  • Smooth-running glass sliding lids
  • Low access height for easy loading and removal of products
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Maintenance-free refrigeration unit
  • Accessories (optionals)

  • Cover panels for block placement
  • Water protection strips prevent water and dirt from getting under the units
  • Ramming protectors prevent mechanical damage
  • Lattice dividers and height-adjustable storage grates for optimal merchandise presentation
  • Product range and pricing labels
  • Bumpers available in various colors
  • Temperature range

  • Chilling: 3 °C to 15 °C
  • Meat and minced meat refrigeration: 0 °C to 2 °C
  • Freezing: -18 °C to -23 °C



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