Integral freezer and chiller cabinets. Ready to plug in.


Uniquely designed to increase your sales and reduce your operating costs.

SALZBURG model. The renowned quality design of this model of chillers and freezers, incorporating flat glass and sliding lids, have made it the industry standard. AHT’s SALZBURG plug-in chillers and freezers deliver you a powerful design and a large merchandise display area featuring glass sliding lids. This impressive high volume capacity refrigeration system that is maintenance-free will reduce the amount of time, effort and costs involved in maintaining cabinets. Furthermore, our well proven AHT refrigeration technology will ensure that your products will be stored at the ideal temperature. This is something that is imperative to the consumer and it is something that you will now be able to provide thanks to our SALZBURG model.

  • Key benefits

  • Ready to plug in immediately as it is an integral cabinet
  • Provides perfect storage conditions
  • Higher energy-saving can be achieved in comparison to conventional open units
  • High net volume delivered meaning more products can be provided
  • Reduced investment and operating costs
  • Improved profitability per square meter
  • Maintenance-free refrigeration system
  • Operates silently and gives off low heat emissions
  • Intelligent fan motor for more energy efficiency-saves approximately 0,5 kWh daily
  • Accessories (optionals)

  • Covers for setting in a row
  • Lighting unit available in different versions
  • Dividers and base units to maximize merchandising
  • Impact protection bumpers available in different colors
  • Kick plates will prevent water and dust from falling below the cabinets
  • Trolley guards against physical impact
  • Temperature ranges

  • Chilling: 3°C to 15°C
  • Freezing: -18°C to -23°C
  • Meat and minced meat refrigeration: 0°C to 2°C



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