Freezer. Ready to plug in.

Designed with one thing in mind: Increased sales. A range of freezers to meet all circumstances

AHT freezers can be placed everywhere. In a restaurant, at the petrol station, in small bars, in the supermarket, and, and, and ...

Quality and freshness of ice cream are 100 % guaranteed in AHT freezers.

  • Key benefits

  • Excellent product visibility due to low cabinet height
  • Ready to plug in
  • Easy-to-move, 2-part, curved or flat glass sliding lids with the proven and internationally patented
  • Environmentally friendly with natural refrigerant propane
  • 100 % CFC- and PFC-free
  • Low energy consumption
  • Brilliant LED lighting system which enhances product display, drives sales and reduces maintenance (
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Intelligent fan motor for more energy efficiency – saves approximately 0,5 kWh daily
  • Reinforced insulation (72 mm) for reserve refrigeration and low energy consumption
  • Inner container made of white, pre-painted, galvanised sheet metal
  • Outer-skin condenser – no dirt, no maintenance
  • Modular system: same height and depth, different lengths available
  • Suitable for climate class 3 to climate class 7
  • Supplied in robust packaging (undersliding)
  • Accessories (optionals)

  • External or internal thermometer- available
  • Defrost water drain
  • Lockable double castors
  • Internal Light/Internal LED Light for RIO S
  • Lighting unit
  • Energy-saving fan motor
  • Insulated lids available for horizontal cabinets
  • Baskets and dividers
  • Lock
  • Built-in rivnuts for mounting fixtures, canopies, etc.
  • Electrical frame heating for RIO S
  • Temperature range

  • Freezing: -14°C to -23°C



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