PO 300/600

PO 300/600

The machine is used for coating of ice cream and confectionery products with various icings (cocoa, yogurt, white fat etc.) The machine is capable of making full, partial or bottom coating.

Upon customer’s request, the additional SK equipment can be attached to the enrobing machine that provides for additional topping of the enrobed products with coconut, ground nuts etc.

This new-generation equipment includes primarily the following elements:

  • Features

  • Complete stainless-steel design according to highest EU standards
  • The icing is conveyed by the originally designed pump
  • The construction allows very easy access to the hopper with the icing substance with optimized shape for easy cleaning and duplicator heating all over the surface
  • Removable and tilting feeding conveyer
  • Drawing-out enrobing conveyer on its own transporting frame allowing easy washing apart from the machine and turning of the belt
  • Easy shaking off the icing remnants with vibration belt
  • Automatic control by Mitsubishi micro-computer control unit
  • Continuous regulation of pump output and belt speed controlled by frequency converters
  • Technical parameters

  • Length [mm]: 1500
  • Width [mm]: 1150
  • Height [mm]: 1840
  • Belt width [mm]: 600
  • Max. product height [mm]: 100
  • Belt speed [m/min]: 0,6 - 1.8
  • Capacity of icing hopper [l]: ~ 50
  • Input [kVA]: 10,5
  • Total weight [kg]: 650