Open circuit - M-Gel

Open circuit - M-Gel

M-GEL is a cooling tower designed and produced with the purpose of reuse, in a closed cycle, the water utilised in the circuits of ice cream workshops (with machines such as batch freezers, pasteurizers, display cases, etc.)

All models are totally pre-assembled in our workshop

Capacity from 29 kW to 52 kW

The unit is compact and small, almost entirely made of plastic material (FRP). It is equipped with centrifugal fan system, water recirculation pump and electrical control panel.

Casing equipped with inspection hatch, pump and fan protective cover, FRP top (for the indoor version), entirely made of gelcoated FRP, shiny finish

Supporting frame in hot dip galvanized steel, with wheels for the indoor version or with metal anchoring feet for outdoor version

Fill pack in PVC or PP with high heat exchange surface

Centrifugal fan with low noise levels