Integral freezer and chiller cabinets. Ready to plug in.


The unbelievably economical cooling and freezing unit with optimized merchandise presentation.

Model MIAMI. This innovative cooling and freezing device stands for maximum energy efficiency and is a member of our new generation of low-energy marvels. Brilliant LED interior lighting assures an attractive presentation of your goods while the large, curving panoramic glass sliders optimize presentation area and make for perfect viewing. The unit's low height allows convenient placement and withdrawal of merchandise.

  • Key benefits

  • High energy savings compared with conventional open units
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to electronic speed-controlled compressor (VS)
  • AHT e-conomize: Massive additional power saving potential due to extensive optimizations in technology and construction
  • New synthetic interior casing for better hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Ecologically sound thanks to the natural refrigerant propane
  • 100 % CFC and PFC-free
  • Ready to plug in – no additional assembly required
  • Improved viewing of merchandise and optimized capacity
  • Low front access height for convenient merchandise placement and withdrawal
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Maintenance-free cooling technology
  • Accessories (optionals)

  • Dividers and base units to maximize your sales
  • Product labeling and price tags
  • Impact protection bumpers available in different colors
  • Covers for setting in a row
  • Lighting unit that is available in different versions
  • Trolley guards against physical impact
  • Kick plates will prevent water and dust from falling below the cabinets
  • Temperature ranges

  • Chilling: 3 °C to 15 °C
  • Meat and minced meat refrigeration: 0 °C to 2 °C
  • Freezing: -18 °C to -23 °C



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