CF series

Freon self contained freezers for small and medium scale productions

CF series

The horizontal freezing barrel ensures an easy extraction of the beater while the rear barrel flange can be quickly dismantled thus facilitating inspection and maintenence operations. A front digital ammeter controls compressor start/stop according to ice cream consistency inside the barrel so as to prevent product freeze-up.

- Capacity range 150 - 1200 liters/h of ice cream at 100% overrun
- Single/double piston pump/s
- Built-in freon compressor

  • Features

  • hard chromium plated barrel
  • beater with 2 swinging scrapping blades
  • air/mix metering piston pump controlled by mechanical speed variator
  • electronic control system for hot gas defrosting circuit preventing excessive ice cream consistency
  • overrun control valve
  • Freon R404a dry expansion system refrigeration circuit with semihermetic compressor BITZER and verti
  • electric front control panel with on/off switch, production, emergency and safety pushbuttons, ammet
  • Recommended inlet mix temperature: 4.0°C
  • Ice cream outlet temperature: -5.5°C
  • Models: CF 150, CF 300, CF 400, CF 600, CF600/2, CF 800, CF800/2, CF1200

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